Sacred Night Incense - Herbal Blend

Sacred Night Incense - Herbal Blend

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Invocation, divination and manifestation.

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This lovely herbal blend assists with invocation, divination and manifestation.

Sacred Night Herbal Blend is a handmade mix of herbs, oils, and incense chosen specifically for their magickal properties associated with raising energies, invocation and manifestation. Perfect for all your ritual and spellwork.

Each jar of loose incense contains our proprietary blend of herbs, oils and resins including: Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vervain, Rosemary and more! 

Add it to your candle and jar spells, ritual baths, burned over charcoal as incense, infused into ritual oil, charm bags, as an offering on your altar & more! Makes a great gift!

Two Sizes:

2oz Jar - $18.00

1oz Jar - $ 13.00