Spell Kit - Money Spell Attraction Bottle

Spell Kit - Money Spell Attraction Bottle


Witches Money Spell Attraction Bottle Kit

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A beautiful spell bottle complete with all the items necessary to perform a powerful love attraction spell to manifest money, wealth and success. This bottle will be powerfully charged to attract abundance and riches to the holder of the bottle.

Included are complete instructions on how to perform the attraction spell and empower the bottle to serve your needs, as well the incantation to use in focusing your intent.

This Kit Contains: 
- (1) Glass Bottle with Cork (Style may vary)
- (1) Bag of a powerful proprietary herbal attraction blend designed to draw money, wealth, and success to you. 
- (1) Mini Scroll with gold cord for writing your intention to place in the bottle
- (1) White Votive Candle
- (1) Incense Cone
- (2) Chime Candle to seal the bottle with wax
- (1) Small Bag of golden Glitter
- (1) Money Attraction Charm attached to the bottle

Place this lovely bottle on your altar or near a window by your front door to bring abundance into your home. Follow up with periodic repeating of the included incantation to re-charge the bottle with your intentions & energy.