Witches Salt Trio

Witches Salt Trio


Makes a lovely magickal gift!

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Witches Salt Trio - Makes a lovely magickal gift!

In this set you will receive:

Three charming 10ml blottles for your altar - Perfect for a variety of spellwork!

- (1) Witches Black Salt - For protection
- (1) Blessed White Salt - For purification & Circle casting
- (1) Magickal Pink Salt - For protection during astral travels

Witches Salt can be placed on altars & entry ways for protection and to ward off negative energy. They can be used in rituals, spellwork, and for cleansing and purifying your gemstones and crystals. Witches Salt is often used as a bath soak for purification before rituals, psychic protection, and to cleanse negative thoughts and feelings.