Young Witches Magickal Cabinet

Young Witches Magickal Cabinet

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This adorable Young Witches Magickal Cabinet is a sweet starter box set of treasures, herbs and tools designed to instill a deep love of nature and pagan spirit.  It's a beautiful kit and a wonderful gift for your favorite young witch!

This kit comes in a vintage wood box, decorated in an animal/nature theme.  The knob is fashioned into a cute fox and there is an elemental chart with a moon and stars theme on the inner lid.  The box is labeled "Magick Cabinet" on the lid and included is a set of matching alphabet stickers to personalize the box with a child's name.

The Chest comes stocked with treasures to get your young witch started:


This box Contains the following:

*(2) Decorated keepsake boxes for collecting those precious items found on nature walks. Both boxes have some items to get you started: Shells, feathers and interesting crystals to identify*

*1 x Potion Bottle*

*1 x Small Bottle of Fairy Dust - (Mix of Glitter)*

*1 x Small Bottle of Fairy Food - (Sparkling Sugar)*

*1 x bag of Rose Petals* 
*1 x Bag of Lavender*
*1 x Bag of Marigold (Calendula)*
These herbs can be used in all kinds of craft projects!

*Mini Ceramic Mortar & Pestle*

*Organza Bag with Altar Stones - (Elements, The God, The Goddess, Akasha/Spirit)*

*Moon & Star Light Catcher with real Crystal"

* Large White Feather*

* Mini Besom*

*1 x Parchment - ( The Witches Alphabet - Theban Script)*

*1 x Parchment - ( How to Attract Fairies)*

Box measures "9 x "6 x "6

Blessed Be!