Witches White Willow Magick Wand with Clear Quartz Crystal

Witches White Willow Magick Wand with Clear Quartz Crystal


Stunning Willow Magick Wand

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Stunning Witches White Willow Magick Wand with Clear Quartz Crystal. This powerful wand will provide protection, as well as,  amplify and project your own energy and magickal intentions.

Willow, one of the most popular woods used to craft Magick Wands, has feminine energy and is associated with magick, dreams, psychic power and healing. Willow is an incredibly magickal tree that increases psychic energy, so it’s excellent as a general purpose wand. It is said to aid divination and bring inspiration. Its powers are strongest at night, under the moon. Quartz is the most powerful energy amplification crystal known.  This double terminated crystal will assist your energy in traveling up through the wand, and direct it to a concentrated focus at the tip for excellent control of energy. 

Each wand is entirely handmade by me, a practicing witch of over 20 years.  No harmful chemicals are used and no glue is used to attach the gorgeous double terminated quartz crystal point. This wand is adorned with charms and beads and has it's natural finish.

Every wand I craft is a one of a kind creation and bestowed with my positive energy. After creating each wand, it is blessed and charged with positive intentions.

Blessed Be!

* This magickal Wiccan wand measures approximately 12"